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Technical supervision of the builder (of the investor)

In the case of a construction financed from public funds and carried out by a construction contractor as a contractor, the builder is obliged to ensure "technical supervision of the builder" (TDS) over the execution of the construction by a natural person authorised under the Authorisation Act (TDS replaced the previously used term "technical supervision of the investor" - TDI).
The technical supervision is responsible for ensuring that the works are carried out in accordance with the issued building permit and the valid construction documentation, that the applicable technical standards are observed and that the contractual conditions between the investor and the construction contractor are complied with. The technical supervision is a participant in the construction process who defends the interests of the investor (builder) in accordance with the relevant legislation.
We provide our services to medium and large enterprises, plants and building complexes that want to reduce their energy consumption and are looking for specific technical measures leading to energy optimization. We can expertly advise, design, implement and demonstrate savings from such measures. We are not afraid of challenges, but we also know what the technical limits are. We are always straightforward and fair.


of the builder (of the investor)

  • Checking the compliance of the construction process and implementation with the contract for the work, the conditions of the building permit and the certified project documentation, the issued measures for the implementation of the construction and legal regulations.
  • Keeping a construction log throughout the construction period in accordance with the building act and implementing regulations.
  • Participation in inspection days and other meetings as required by the Client.
  • Checking the contractor’s working procedures in terms of the final quality of the completed parts of the construction.
  • Checking the suitability of the technological procedures chosen by the construction contractor and compliance with technological breaks.
  • Inspection and acceptance of covered and completed structures and works, including prescribed tests.
  • Verification of the conformity of the delivered products and the incorporated materials, works and technologies with the verified project documentation.
  • Informing the client of any changes during construction from the certified design documentation and assisting in resolving changes to the construction.
  • Promptly informing the client of any major developments on the construction site, which primarily affect the cost, time and quality of completion of the construction.
  • Cooperation in organising the handover and preliminary acceptance of the completed construction, identification of all defects and incompleteness, including the setting of a deadline for their removal
  • Cooperation in the course and evaluation of the test operation.
  • Assistance in the organisation and preparation of documents for the approval of the completed construction and participation in the final inspection of the construction
Technický dozor

of the project designer

The author’s supervision of the project designer is an additional service to the design activity. He verifies the compliance of the construction implementation with the certified project documentation during the construction for the issuance of a building permit or documentation for the notification of buildings listed in the building Act, or with the documentation for the implementation of the construction or more generally with the documentation of the overall project solution. It may only be performed by the author of the project documentation.

  • He explains to the construction contractor’s staff the various links and details of the project documentation.
  • It creates other possible details for the construction company beyond the construction documents (DPS) that the construction company is unsure of.
  • It works with the investor in selecting a contractor.
  • Takes photo documentation of the construction in all parts of the construction.
  • Inspects the progress of construction. It is necessary for someone to visit the construction site regularly to check that the construction is being built correctly according to the design.

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