Energetická optimalizace

Energy optimization

Energy optimization of the technological process includes energy leakage, use of residual energy, energy recovery, adjustment of production parameters, optimization of production processes, monitoring of consumption and its evaluation. Energy optimization is not only an environmental solution to energy, but we address primarily operational and technological requirements where potential savings are most significant. We deal with the production, distribution and consumption of energy media such as electricity, steam, water for production processes including pressurized air production, cooling, heat recovery and others.
We provide supply of technologies and general turnkey project delivery. We provide study, solution design, design part, production, installation and completion. We are here for all medium and large enterprises that want to address their energy optimization.



  • Sensible and condensation heat recovery technology for combustion air preheating, drying, hot/hot water and steam or electricity production in ORC.
  • Sensible air and water heat recovery technology for ventilation air and water preheating or drying.
  • Condensation heat recovery technology for preheating of make-up water or electricity generation in ORC.
  • Micro-turbine power generation technology as a replacement for reduction and cooling stations.
  • Utilization of waste heat from exothermic production of products for process heating and heating.
  • Replacement of steam heating of appliances by preheating/heating with warm or hot water.
  • Use of waste heat and heat from CHP for cold production.
  • Recovery of waste heat from compressor stations for heating or hot water supply.
Technická řešení / Technical solutions / Technische Lösungen

How it works with us

I'm looking for a solution

  1. Analysis and diagnostics
  2. Proposal for a technical solution for operations optimization
  3. Quantification of savings
  4. Evaluation of returns
  5. Feasibility study

I already have a solution

  1. Documentation for the location of the building
  2. Documentation for building permits
  3. Documentation for construction implementation
  4. Technical supervision
  5. Initial control and optimisation of process equipment settings