Energetická zařízení

Energy equipment

We supply energy machinery and components for energy production. We are suppliers of turnkey power technology units. We handle the design of solutions, the use of technologies and their integration through to installation and assembly. In addition to the construction and reconstruction of energy plants, our activities also include qualified consulting and optimization of operations.
We provide supply of technologies and general turnkey project delivery. We provide study, solution design, design part, production, installation and completion. We are here for all medium and large enterprises that want to address their energy optimization.



  • Steam boilers and developers including technologies for vapour and condensate recovery.
  • Hot water boilers.
  • Heat pumps for heating water temperatures up to 120 °C.
  • Cogeneration units and trigeneration technology.
  • Compressor, absorption and free cooling units.
  • ORC generators.
  • Heat and cold storage tanks.
  • Technology of heat and cold transfer stations.
  • Technology for filtration and treatment of raw water.
  • Compressor stations and compressed air distribution technology.
  • Photovoltaic power plants including power output to the grid.
  • Motor generators and battery backup power supplies including UPS.
  • Charging and fast charging stations for electric vehicles.
  • Other carbon neutral (renewable) energy sources (geothermal energy)

How it works with us

I'm looking for a solution

  1. Analysis and diagnostics
  2. Proposal for a technical solution for operations optimization
  3. Quantification of savings
  4. Evaluation of returns
  5. Feasibility study

I already have a solution

  1. Documentation for the location of the building
  2. Documentation for building permits
  3. Documentation for construction implementation
  4. Technical supervision
  5. Initial control and optimisation of process equipment settings