Inženýring (inženýrská činnost)

Engineering (engineering activities)

Engineering focuses on all the necessary activities that are required in the preparation of a construction project. It includes all the pre-project and project preparation of the construction project, its implementation and the necessary activities for commissioning.
Engineering is the negotiation and representation of the client in negotiations with the authorities concerned and other participants in the construction procedure. It involves securing all positive opinions and statements necessary to permit the construction project, as well as, for example, changes to the zoning plan, statements from the relevant state authorities or technical supervision of your construction.
We provide our services to medium and large enterprises, plants and building complexes that want to reduce their energy consumption and are looking for specific technical measures leading to energy optimization. We can expertly advise, design, implement and demonstrate savings from such measures. We are not afraid of challenges, but we also know what the technical limits are. We are always straightforward and fair.



  • Provision of input documents on the area of interest, including utilities, roads, watercourses, forests, protection zones, etc.
  • Ensuring surveys of the area (geological, hydrogeological, radon, archaeological, etc.).
  • Provision of expert environmental impact assessments, EIA documentation, dispersion and noise studies.
  • Securing the opinions of the concerned state administration bodies and other parties to the proceedings.
  • Preparation and submission of the application for planning permission/joint planning permission, incorporation of comments from the building authority and securing planning permission.
  • Registration and submission of applications for subsidies, administration of projects, including selection procedures, assistance in checking the fulfilment of indicators and deadlines.

How it works with us

I'm looking for a solution

  1. Analysis and diagnostics
  2. Proposal for a technical solution for operations optimization
  3. Quantification of savings
  4. Evaluation of returns
  5. Feasibility study

I already have a solution

  1. Documentation for the location of the building
  2. Documentation for building permits
  3. Documentation for construction implementation
  4. Technical supervision
  5. Initial control and optimisation of process equipment settings