Energetická studie proveditelnosti

Feasibility study

A feasibility study is usually the highest level of analysis of an investment project. It is prepared in the pre-investment phase of the project and is an important document especially for investment-intensive projects to assess their feasibility, sustainability and profitability.
On the basis of a detailed analysis of the baseline situation, we propose a technical solution in various variants and prepare a feasibility study for any investment project, whether it is a small-scale project or a large-scale investment project. Our experience in the energy sector helps us to identify the opportunities and risks associated with the implementation of these projects and, above all, to quantify the return on investment in a structured manner.
We provide our services to medium and large enterprises, plants and building complexes that want to reduce their energy consumption and are looking for specific technical measures leading to energy optimization. We can expertly advise, design, implement and demonstrate savings from such measures. We are not afraid of challenges, but we also know what the technical limits are. We are always straightforward and fair.


of investment plans

  • Independent assessment of energy efficiency in industrial plants and buildings.
  • Conceptual designs of technical solutions for emission-free or low-emission sources of electricity, heat and cold and energy and technical equipment.
  • Balance calculations and diagrams for specific process plants and operating modes.
  • Initial technical and economic assessment of the proposed technical solutions.
  • Feasibility studies of engineering construction and reconstruction projects.
  • Technical specifications of investment projects according to the needs of the investor, including assessment of the necessary impacts on existing technologies.
  • Assessment of current and upcoming subsidy support for investment projects.
Energetická studie proveditelnosti / PRE-PROJECT PREPARATION of investment plans / PROJEKT-VORBEREITUNG bei Investitionsplänen

How it works with us

I'm looking for a solution

  1. Analysis and diagnostics
  2. Proposal for a technical solution for operations optimization
  3. Quantification of savings
  4. Evaluation of returns
  5. Feasibility study

I already have a solution

  1. Documentation for the location of the building
  2. Documentation for building permits
  3. Documentation for construction implementation
  4. Technical supervision
  5. Initial control and optimisation of process equipment settings