Projektová dokumentace / Technical solutions of energy optimization / Technische Lösungen zur Energieoptimierung

Project documentation

The purpose of the project documentation is to accurately and unambiguously record all geometric and technical characteristics of the buildings, technologies and the construction site. Project documentation may also have a presentation or orientation purpose, as well as recording the previous (original) state of the building. The main purpose of project documentation is to show the actual state of the site or object, or to provide the builder or manufacturer with sufficient information to carry out the construction or production plan.
We provide our services to medium and large enterprises, plants and building complexes that want to reduce their energy consumption and are looking for specific technical measures leading to energy optimization. We can expertly advise, design, implement and demonstrate savings from such measures. We are not afraid of challenges, but we also know what the technical limits are. We are always straightforward and fair.


DESIGN SERVICES in construction

  • Documentation of the actual status (As-biult documentation)
  • Documentation for building permit or joint permit
  • Documentation for the selection of the contractor for the construction/works (tendering documentation), including itemized construction budgets
  • Detail Desing Documentation including:
    •  the construction part of the project including architectural, structural design and fire safety solution
    • the mechanical and technological part of the project, including equipment design, functional wiring diagrams (P&ID), spatial design, strength and thermal expansion calculations of piping and structures.
    • electrical part incl. HV, LV, low-current, fire safety, backup sources (UPS),
    • field instrumentation, control systems, communication, visualisation and data storage.
  • Documentation for comprehensive testing of the work and commissioning.
  • Documentation of the current state.
  • Instructions for use.

How it works with us

I'm looking for a solution

  1. Analysis and diagnostics
  2. Proposal for a technical solution for operations optimization
  3. Quantification of savings
  4. Evaluation of returns
  5. Feasibility study

I already have a solution

  1. Documentation for the location of the building
  2. Documentation for building permits
  3. Documentation for construction implementation
  4. Technical supervision
  5. Initial control and optimisation of process equipment settings